By Hellhouse Productions (other events)

Friday, March 25 2022 7:00 PM 11:00 PM PST

HELLHOUSE PRODUCTIONS welcomes South Korean multifaceted punx, Octopoulpe, and Lancaster, CA punks, Shiiva, accompanied by a varied assortment of Vegas' finest all gathering at The Truth Spot. Also celebrating the birth of Hellhouse C.E.H. (Chief Executive Hellraiser), Zoe, who has been responsible for many legendary shows. 


OCTOPOULPE - Born in a fish tank in Seoul (South Korea) in 2014, Octopoulpe is a half-naked creature playing tentacular music, from Math-rock to hardcore-punk. Thanks to his many tentacles, he can play drums and control other instruments, lights and video-projections at the same time, allowing him to play with his digital self, as well as with many other guests. Since 2015, Octopoulpe already performed over 450 shows in Asia, Europe, and America. A demo "Squid Korea" got released in 2015, followed by 2 albums, "Man won" in 2017 and "Kichompré" in 2020. 

SHIIVA - Based out of Lancaster, California, Shiiva is a melodic punk band that formed in late 2019. The quartet features current and former members of such groups as Life for a Life, The Downsides, and All Eyez. In 2020, Shiiva's debut EP, GROOV(E) gained them rightful praise from music outlets, even being named a "Band to Watch" in 2022 by prominent U.K. music magazine, Discovered. 

HARD PIPE HITTERS - H.P.H. embodies what it means to be a true, D.I.Y., punk collective. Boasting over a decade of experience touring the west coast and supporting true scene legends, Hard Pipe Hitters have solidified their mark on the Las Vegas music scene with: shows; political activism; local charity; and songs about mental health and the satirical nature of their punk rock dedication to social & political issues.

ANTI-VISION - Speed-of-light desert punks equally soused and socially aware. Seldom pausing for water breaks during live sets, garnishing a reputation for madly energetic performances that have taken them across the coast.

NETO - Chicano powerviolence juggernauts leading the new generation of Vegas hardcore, giving a voice to all who are oppressed, furiously fast riffs sure to pop a few ear-holes. The future is all that matters; Neto is the future.